QRD Skyline Diffuser + Helmholtz Resonator


Low Frequency Black Hole


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Main info.

Dimensions : 533 x 533 x 127mm / 21'' x 21'' x 5''

Raw Material : Solid Wood & PET(Polyester) 


Functionality : Main - Diffusion, Sub - Low Absorption

Absorption Frequency Range : 1500Hz & Higher

                                                   50Hz ~ 200Hz

Place: Ceiling and Wall



* Originally, the function of this product is a diffuser.
* The Helmholtz resonator is an add-on.
* It's not a single resonator, it's a multi-resonator.
* This is called a perforated board.

* PET board is attached to the back of this product.
* Also, there is an air gap on the back.

* Rather than installing it all over the room,
* It is recommended to install it at the first reflection point.

Helmholtz Skyline Diffuser